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SOAR is driving breakthrough innovation throughout the entire value chain with full-service blockchain solutions that span a variety of industry applications

Our Product

Soar Wallet

Soar Wallet is one of a kind offline signing wallet. This means that users of Soar Wallet will not be affected by congestion of the Ethereum blockchain or whichever problem that arises out of it when transferring Soarcoin. Web and android version out currently.


Community project which allows everyone to enjoy a good game of soccer wherever they are. A good opportunity for young players to get playing time with their peers, for professional football scouts to look for the next talent, and for everybody else to enjoy the game.


A game changer in the social media experience. Users get rewarded for spending time watching advertisements, providing an additional source of income for the under privileged.


A huge collaboration with multiple parties based on South-east Asia. One of its kind style of exchange, and also an outlet for the 'unbanked' to take charge of their own finance within the digital spectrum, to having real cash in their hands.An effort to prove that, cryptocurrency is here to change the world, one step at a time, and a game-changer for the unbanked populations in the world.


Serving the unbanked region

Soar Labs design, and cooperate with partners beyond the cryptocurrency circle. In this way, the unbanked will be able to enjoy facilities thanks to our extended partnerships.


What better way for the unbanked, to get access to their money hassle free. With different functions of SoarEx, users can do more with the exchange, and getting cash out of or into cryptocurrency will not be any easier.

Soar Eco-system

With the extended partnerships, and together with the SAP by Soar Labs, we aim to create a full functioning ecosystem. This will help the unbanked communities in a way never before in a regional level, and making Soar Labs a real organisation with many different bodies.

Soar Foundation

Soar Foundation will be an integral part of Soar Labs. Aside from being a non-profit, Soar Foundation will take charge of active promotion of Soarcoin in its function and uses, so that more in the world will get to enjoy the benefit Soar Labs can bring into their lives.